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Introducing Host Tool

Happy new year!

Today, I'm releasing a tool I've been working on the past few days called Host Tool. I built Host Tool to quickly try different vhosts on targets when hacking on bug bounty programs, but I'm certain there will be other uses. Compared to similar extensions, this changes the Host header by hooking into all Chrome requests, as opposed to the tab (which I've experienced other extensions doing). It's nothing special, but it's improving my workflow and I hope it can improve yours! ☺️


Get it now from the Chrome store! The tool is released for free under the MIT license and the code is available on GitHub for review, I encourage contribution and will accept pull requests! Please submit any bugs you find/features you'd like as GitHub issues.

Thanks for reading "not the same origin" - my new blog. I'll hopefully be posting a mix of things here, including bug bounty writeups. If you have any feedback please let me know.